About us

We identified the need for a reliable source of alcohol in Kurdistan, a source that people could freely purchase, without the concern of counterfeit (fake) products.

A German-born and raised entrepreneur teamed up with a longstanding beverage expert and opened the first shop in 2017.

It is our absolute aspiration to deliver a clean and warm atmosphere in our stores, paired with a highly professional environment (please take a look here). We are constantly striving to improve our service, as well as to expand our portfolio. It is our intention to offer the largest and best variety in the market!

We proved so in fact, when the Coronavirus impacted almost every retailer around the world ... we persevered anyway.

On the third day of the complete lockdown (forced by Covid-19) we took our shop online to continue serving you - our valued customers. We were absolutely not prepared for this and subsequently the technology let us down multiple times.

On top of that, we were encountering inconsistent regulations from authorities, which made the delivery on some days impossible.

In the end, we learned lessons usually acquired in many months (or even years) in just a few weeks, and are now executing the first-ever alcohol delivery website (now also a sample for other existing online shops).

We are very pleased to be serving so many grateful customers in both our shops and with our delivery service, and we feel confident and proud to be meeting the core values laid out by our founder.

GBS Core Values:

  • We only deliver quality!
  • We properly educate ourselves and our customers, and we create a pleasant and safe experience.
  • Every customer matters, and we go the extra mile for each and every person we service, our motto - the customer is king!
  • Growth is what drives us. Our team is encouraged to develop as individuals, so that the institution will develop / grow automatically.
  • Sustainable and socially conscious. We are operating in a way that decreases negative environmental impact and increases our positive impact on the community.
  • Innovation: We look in different places, ask questions, and try new things. Nothing is ever “good enough.” We lead the way forward.
  • We embrace the suck: nothing worth doing is easy.
  • Teamwork: everybody always contributes something, no one is ever left behind.
  • Giving back: We donate 5% of our profit to an environmental project.