Social Engagement

Improving The Environment of Kurdistan

Improving the environment

We are clearly not the authority to clean up Kurdistan but we can at least contribute and hopefully encourage others to follow!
The German Bottle Shop is donating 5000$ for two environmentally friendly projects(2500+2500)$.

Please help us and submit your opinion about who we should support.

We have seen it all, over the past years. From burning car tires to celebrate Nawrooz, people washing their cars in the Duhok Dam, oil waste being dumped into nature, people littering from their Friday picnic to just unloading their waste through their car window while driving.

"Please click the following link and submit a movement, action, or an already existing project initiative to improve our environment."

Be it to pay some garbage collectors salary or better a premium on waste collected, educational initiative e.g. show how toxic is to burn a car tire, tree planting, plastic reduction or anything else comes to your mind.